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Sabee Kazmi is an Australian Pakistani descent journalist, who discusses international politics and current affairs: Pakistani politics, he is a university professor and has over 11 years experience in teaching and journalism, he talks about social issues, and advocates of injustice. ↴ https://linktr.ee/sabeekazmi sabee kazmi wikipedia Disclaimer: *We don’t condone any activity/material/said/shown, don’t promote, support, or represent the interests of Al-Qaeda, Daesh, Taliban, or any other armed group/s, movement/Individual struggle, efforts, except peaceful freedom of expression, . The website’s aim is to educate, inform, and discuss current news. Data is collected for research purposes from various online and offline sources and sometimes it’s difficult to check their authenticity and validity, however, we do our best to check each and every piece of information we share to our best knowledge and available sources, opinions based on facts and figures available Twitter @sabeekazmi786 or contact @sabeekazmi.com.au or sabeekazmi1@gmail.com #SabeeKazmi


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